The Lady of The House: New Works in Oil

"Through my interest in dream symbolism, story and myth, I explore the hidden places between the worlds and aim to liberate the dynamic of enchantment. I am fascinated by the power, sensuality, and individuality of a subject and the layers of energy and meaning that each can hold. Whether through the intensity and intelligence in the eyes of a woman, through the curved stem and velvet color of a flower in bloom, or through the clever antics of a pair of crows, each piece is a window  into a timeless dreamscape, a curious drawing room, or a charmed place." 

Gifts from the Sea: Mixed Media

"In this painting series, I utilize a variety of mixed media elements embedded into acrylic polymers on wood panels. The materials include vintage wallpaper and ephemera, tumbled ocean pottery, sea glass, mica, and sand. These textural seascapes evoke the power and transformative majesty of the oceans able to transform and recycle discarded items into objects of value and beauty. The motions of the waves depicted in each painting are analogous to the human experiences of navigating inner emotional landscapes from the rise of an initial desire or feeling, to the merging and processing of conflicting ideas and thoughts, to the resolution, acceptance, and calming state of mind."